Group Life is a place for connection and growing in your faith.  Whether you are just starting to ask serious spiritual questions or have followed Jesus for some time and wish to get a sense of connection with other people in our church, Group Life is a great step for you.

Group Life experiences are generally medium to large gatherings here at the church building where individuals or couples take part in smaller tables of 8-10 people for discussion.

Below, you will find the opportunities for the upcoming Fall Group Life season.  If you have any questions feel free to email Pastor Alex at


Starting Point

Wednesdays at 7pm beginning Sept 27
Cost: $10


Starting Point is an 8-session small group conversation about faith. Whether you’re new to faith, curious about God, or coming back to church after some time away, it’s a place where your opinions and beliefs are valued, and no question is off limits.

If you have not taken part in Group Life here at NorthBridge in the past, our pastoral team highly recommends that Starting Point be the place you start even if you have been a ‘churchgoer’ for some time.


We Saved You a Seat (Women)

Wednesdays at 7pm beginning Sept 27
Cost: $15

How are you really doing?

In today’s busy world, we’re wired to appear “fine,” warding off authenticity and shielding ourselves from judgment. We hide behind the hum of busyness to escape intimate friendships with the women God has placed in our lives. But we do want a seat at the table. We yearn for authentic relationships and the opportunity to be the opposite of “fine” with people who cheer for us. But comparison, envy, and entitlement often stop us from pulling out a chair at the table. Friendship can be hard, making new friends even harder, and maintaining genuine friendship the hardest of all.

In this Bible study, Lisa-Jo Baker and friends from (in)courage explore our relationship with Jesus as the ultimate model for authentic friendship. Nothing shapes us like the impact of a friend – it’s how Jesus radically and intimately connects with us. So instead of chasing perfection, overcome your fear of being known and find the courage to connect.

Man Alive (Men)

Tuesdays at 7pm beginning Sept 26
Cost: None – Book provided by Iron Men Ministry


Many men know that Jesus promised “a rich and satisfying life” (John 10:10). But they are confused about what that looks like. In fact, I’d estimate that 90 percent of Christian men lead lukewarm, stagnant, defeated lives—and they hate it. We all have inner aches and pains that correspond to seven primal God-given needs that all men feel deeply. And in Man Alive, I’ll show you something surprising—God’s plan for harnessing that raw, restless energy you feel to propel you toward the life you were meant to live.  No man should have to settle for half alive. You can experience a powerful life transformed by Christ. I promise you, there is a way.”  – Patrick Morley

Crazy Love (Young Adults 18-30)

Wednesdays at 7pm beginning Sept 27
Cost: $10

Does something deep inside your heart long to break free from the status quo? Are you hungry for an authentic faith that addresses the problems of our world with tangible, even radical, solutions? God is calling you to a passionate love relationship with Himself. Because the answer to religious complacency isn’t working harder at a list of do’s and don’ts — it’s falling in love with God. And once you encounter His love, as Francis describes it, you will never be the same.

Because when you’re wildly in love with someone, it changes everything.

Childcare Note: We will not be offering childcare on site for Group Life.  We do have funds available for families for whom childcare costs would be a significant burden.  If you or someone you know would be helped by this, please contact Alex Whitaker at