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St. Patrick’s Unique Style

by Samantha Callanan

I am a bit of a church history nut. When I come across stories that are not only interesting from a historical perspective, but also relevant to our current situation, my ears perk up! The story of St. Patrick is one of those stories… and then some! Perhaps you’re not interested in ancient trivia. Don’t […]

Group Life – Winter 2016

by Samantha Callanan

Who are you?   What defines you as a person?  In what do you root your identity?  This is an important question and how we answer has a dramatic effect on how we live our everday lives.   The Apostle Paul understood this and was used by God to pen a letter to a group of new […]

Group Life – Winter 2015

by Samantha Callanan

We are excited to launch a new season of Group Life this coming January! Our groups will be going through a church-wide 6-week study on the books of Ezra and Nehemiah called Up From The Rubble. We’ll discover a story of God using all kinds of faithful, capable people to bring about spiritual and communal […]